Music Theory Classes

Below are links to audio and video recordings of the music theory classes presented by Richard Harker in 2020.  You can watch the video or download/listen to the MP3.
2020-07-15 Augmented and Diminished Intervals watch listen  
2020-07-29 Sight Singing watch listen  
2020-08-12 Triads Part 1  watch listen  
2020-08-19 Triads Part 2 - inversions watch listen  
2020-08-26 7th Chords Part 1 - dominant, major and minor 7ths watch listen  
2020-09-02 7th Chords Part 2 - diminished 7ths watch listen  
2020-09-09 Italian Terms and Roman Numeral analysis watch listen  
2020-09-16 Practice Session on Grade 1 Test Paper watch listen PDF
NOTE: If you click on the "listen" links above, the recording's audio should open in your browser and start to play.  If you want to download the audio files to your computer you can right-click the link and select "Save Link As ..." from the menu.
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